Winding without Cores

Winding without a core is interesting for many products for purely economic, but also ecological reasons of waste avoidance. After inserting the beginning of the web into the appropriately dimensioned gap, compressed air is applied to the shafts.

WISTEC pneumatische Spannwelle mit Spannschalen, Sonderausführung für hülsenloses Aufwickeln
WISTEC pneumatic expansion shaft with clamping shells, special design for coreless rewinding

The material web marked “Folie” in the functional sketch is clamped and the remaining trays go into the expanded position. The winding process begins and the core diameter of the roll is formed by the expanded diameter of the shaft. When the winding process is finished, the clamping gap is released when the shaft is vented and the material is pulled down or pushed off.
We have also developed solutions for bulky materials:

Möglichkeiten für die hülsenlose Aufwicklung von Schaumstoffen
Possibilities for coreless winding of foam materials
Variante 2
Variant 2