Pneumatic-Mechanical Shafts

Winding shafts based on the pneumatic-mechanical clamping principle combine the advantages of mechanical expansion shafts with those of pneumatic expansion shafts. On the one hand, they guarantee 100% concentric running of the roll, on the other hand, they can be tensioned and released quickly and without effort by means of pneumatics.

pneumatisch-mechanische Wickelwelle zur Aufwicklung von Metallfolien

WISTEC pneumatic-mechanical winding shaft for winding of metal foils; the shaft is released by the valve on the front side.

The use of pneumatic-mechanical winding shafts can significantly increase the safety of a plant. If the pneumatics are only needed to release the system, there can be no danger and quality problems even if the pneumatic auxiliary energy fails. During operation the roll is safely tensioned without external energy due to spring force (see drawing).

The absolutely centric clamping of the pneumatic-mechanical shafts is necessary when clamping sensitive materials and at high speeds.

pneumatisch-mechanische Wickelwelle für Hülseninnendurchmesser 70 und 76 mm

WISTEC pneumatic-mechanical winding shaft for core inner diameter 70 and 76 mm, overhung, for high winding quality in the label industry

pneumatisch-mechanische Wickelwelle mit einem Nenndurchmesser von 35 mm

WISTEC pneumatisch-mechanische Wickelwelle mit einem Nenndurchmesser von 35mm
Vier zentrisch expandierende Schalen am Umfang ermöglichen die Kreuzspulwicklung mit einem Faden; in der Vergrößerung gut erkennbar - die axial wirkende Klemmvorrichtung für den Wickelanfang.

Special designs of pneumatic-mechanical shafts are also used for coreless winding of coils. Here, the absolutely concentric running at any diameter is convincing.

Large diameter ranges during clamping can only be realized pneumatically and mechanically. With purely pneumatic applications, the limits of elastic clamping elements would be exceeded.

pneumatisch-mechanische Spannwelle mit dem Expansionsbereich Durchmesser 50 bis 80 mm

WISTEC pneumatic-mechanical expansion shaft with the expansion range diameter 50 to 80 mm

pneumatisch-mechanisch arbeitender Aufsatzadapter für 150 mm Hülseninnendurchmesser

WISTEC pneumatic-mechanical working top adapter for 150 mm core inner diameter, five clamping shells at the circumference; each segment is operated by a separate cylinder; inner diameter 65 mm; width 40 mm

Attachment adapters with a pneumatic-mechanical operating mechanism are also possible. In addition to the above-mentioned advantage of the centric sleeve adapter, sufficiently high clamping forces can be achieved even with narrow designs.

Advantages of pneumatic-mechanical clamping shafts:

– they clamp 100% centrically

– larger expansion paths can be achieved

– Higher clamping forces are possible

– The option of “permanently spring-loaded clamping – compressed air only used for unclamping” (see drawing) means that

safety clamping elements can be built, e.g. for use as robot grippers