Air shafts pneumatic clamping with leafs (LEAF Type)

Wickelwelle für 70 mm Hülsen 4 Schalen aus Aluminium

WISTEC winding shaft for 70 mm cores; 4 aluminium leafs on the circumference

The design of a shaft with clamping shells is characterized by the fact that the clamping force is transmitted by means of shells located on the outside. The continuous leafs made of steel or aluminium expand by a central hose. The clamping force thus acts almost uniformly over the entire inner circumference of 360°. This prevents deformation of the cores, especially with thin walls and narrow partitions.

Profiled clamping shells are used for better power transmission. In this way, even narrow rolls, mounted on one side, can be securely clamped.

Spannwelle für 76mm Hülsen Schalen längs profiliert

WISTEC expansion shaft for 76 mm cores; shells profiled lengthwise

Schalenspannwelle mit hart verchromten Spannschalen für 100 mm Hülsen

WISTEC shell clamping shaft with hard chrome-plated clamping shells for 100 mm sleeves

A shaft with clamping shells can also be equipped with roller conveyors for loading and unloading.

Spannwelle für 3“ Hülsen mit Spannschalen und Rollenbahn

WISTEC expansion shaft for 3" sleeves with clamping shells and roller conveyor.

Spannwelle mit Schalen; Ausführung zum Aufwickeln ohne Hülse

WISTEC expansion shaft with shells; design for winding without core

The leaf shaft is the preferred shaft type, which can also be used for coreless winding.
The operating principle is as follows: The web material is inserted into the gap between a gripping lamella under a fixed leaf. When compressed air is applied, the beginning of the web is clamped firmly, while the other leafs expand. When the winding process is finished, the leafs return to their nominal diameter when the shaft is vented. At the same time the web start is released and the reel can be pushed off the shaft.

The following solution has proven to be very useful for clamping very voluminous materials, and with widely varying thicknesses: The beginning of the web is clamped between the expanding clamping shells and a fixed element (bar). Different positions can be selected for the bar.

WISTEC Wickelwelle, Sonderausführung zum hülsenlosen Wickeln von Schaumstoffbahnen

WISTEC winding shaft, special design for coreless winding of foam webs
The stabilizing element for the clamping rod can be removed with a handle when removing the roll.