Pneumatic Expanding Chucks

Pneumatic expansion chucks are often used as adapters. Mounted on expansion shafts or support tubes, they ensure secure clamping of the sleeves.

Spannköpfe als Adapter ermöglichen die Aufnahme von 150 mm Hülsen auf einer 76 mm pneumatischen Wickelwelle

Two WISTEC expansion chucks as adapters allow the reception of 150 mm cores on a 76 mm pneumatic winding shaft.

A dimension sheet of this WISTEC standard expansion chuck can be found here.

By connecting two or more chucks in series and operating them by means of a valve, a fast core change is achieved.

Reihenschaltung von zwei WISTEC Adapterspannköpfen

Series connection of two WISTEC adapter chucks, stable design with expansion wedges Expansion range for 150 mm and 6" sleeves

Pneumatischer Spannkopf für Hülseninnendurchmesser 76 mm

WISTEC Pneumatic Chuck for core inner diameter 76 mm (3", steel version, maximum support tube diameter 40 mm

Depending on the application, almost all diameters and designs are available.

Pneumatic adapter chucks can be manufactured in all desired lengths according to customer specifications. For larger lengths we recommend two counter-rotating centering clamping flanges. For larger core inner diameters there are hardly any technological limits by using clamping bars, means slats.

WISTEC Spannkopf von 3“ auf 6“, herstellerbezogene Länge

WISTEC expansion chuck from 3" to 6", manufacturer-specific length

Adapterspannkopf für längere Ausführungen mit zwei Klemmflanschen

Adapter clamping head for longer versions with two clamping flanges

WISTEC Pneumatischer Spannkopf für Hülseninnendurchmesser von 350 mm,16 Stück Spannleisten am Umfang

WISTEC Pneumatic Chuck for core inner diameter of 350 mm, 16 clamping bars on the circumference; a 40 mm square shaft serves as a holder

In order to be able to move adapter chucks for larger diameters by hand, lightweight materials are used.

In order to be able to move adapter clamping heads for larger diameters by hand, lightweight materials are used.

WISTEC Adapterspannkopf, Trägerwelle Ø 300 mm

WISTEC adapter chuck, carrier shaft Ø 300 mm, inner sleeve diameter 406 mm made of PA 6,
weight 35 kg at a length of 850 mm

Adapterspannkopf, fünf Spannschalen am Umfang

WISTEC adapter clamping head, five clamping shells on the circumference, light weight design, polyamide / aluminium

A version with clamping leafs is recommended if the core wall thickness is small.