Air shafts pneumatic clamping with clamping bars (SLAT Type)

Winding shafts with continuous tensioning strips have a single hose under each expansion strip. This makes them service-friendly and easy to maintain.

WISTEC Slat-Type shafts are available for any desired diameter, here a selection

Spannwelle 76 mm Extruderwelle

WISTEC expansion shaft for 76 mm core inner diameter, 5 rubberized clamping bars on the circumference, extruder shaft design
The shaft body is rotatably mounted on the journal.

Winding shafts with continuous clamping bars are suitable for use in unwinding and rewinding, especially for winding multiple-ups. Special applications in the extruder area can also be realized.

A number of applications in the processing industry require winding shafts with bearings on one side. These applications can also be easily realized with strip shafts. The favourable ratio of expansion length to total length is an advantage.

Wickelwelle flanschmontierter Ausfuehrung

WISTEC Wickelwelle in flanschmontierter Ausführung;
Belüftung über stirnseitiges Ventil.

Wickelwelle 76 mm Huelseninnendurchmesser

WISTEC winding shaft for 76 mm core inner diameter
The shaft body can be adjusted by +/- 10 mm using the knurled screw on the front side.

In order to be able to make necessary web corrections, axially adjustable shafts were developed, an advantage that is not only used in the label industry.

For quick and easy installation in processing machines, the shafts are optionally provided complete with bearings and air supply.

Wickelwelle einbaufertig Flanschlagerung Huelsenanschlag

WISTEC air shaft, ready for installation with flange bearing, core stop and rotary inlet for compressed air supply

Pneumatische Spannwellen mit Spannleisten Rollenbahnen

WISTEC Pneumatic expansion shafts with expansion ledges and integrated roller conveyors for easier roll change

In case of higher roll weights it is helpful to make it easier for the operator to remove the roll. For this purpose roller conveyors are arranged between the expansion ledges. In the relaxed state they are in contact with the core inner diameter and the finished roll can be pushed down easily. Here is a practical example.

By using clamping bar shafts, complete solutions in the form of quick-change systems can be realized in the production process with changing diameters.

pneumatische Spannwelle für die Hülseninnendurchmesser 35 und Adapter für 65 mm

WISTEC pneumatic expansion shaft for core inner diameter 35 and adapter for 65 mm