Easy Loading / Unloading

The modular roller system developed by us facilitates the pushing on and removal of material rolls with shafts mounted on one side. It is superior to solutions with balls, as the rollers remain guided radially safely and the rolling resistance is lower.

WISTEC Wickelwellen unterschiedlicher Bauform, ausgerüstet mit Rollenbahnen zur leichten Beschickung bzw. Entnahme von Materialrollen
WISTEC winding shafts of various designs, equipped with roller conveyors for easy loading and unloading of material rolls

Roller modules can also be used to retrofit shafts that are already in use:

WISTEC pneumatisch-mechanische Sicherheitsspannwelle, die 100 % zentrisch spannenden Spannkeile werden mit 6 bar entspannt, die Rollen sind dauerhaft über Federpakete gespannt, es sind Rollenmodule für leichten Rollenwechsel integriert
WISTEC pneumatic-mechanical safety expansion shaft, the 100 % centric tensioning wedges are released at 6 bar, the reels are permanently tensioned by spring assemblies, reel modules are integrated for easy reel change
optional ball casters are used