Air Shafts Mechanically Clamping

mechanische Spannwelle für 3“ Hülsen

WISTEC mechanical tension shaft for 3" cores, completely equipped with typical reel bearing for a machine in the paper industry; web speed > 2500 m/min

Winding shafts according to the mechanical tensioning principle guarantee a 100% centric roll support. The field of application is high web speeds and / or low runout tolerances. Thus, even sensitive materials, such as metal foils, can be wound precisely.

The shaft can be actuated as one option via a hexagon in the shaft journal. Thus all existing screwdriving systems can be used – preferably also pneumatic screwdrivers.

Betätigung über Sechskant SW 19

Operation via hexagon SW 19

mechanische Spannwelle, stirnseitige Bedienung

WISTEC mechanical tensioning shaft, front side operation

A second possibility for the use of mechanically clamping winding shafts is the deliberate omission of pneumatics in a machine or system. The rolls can be tensioned and released simply by turning the front side handle.

WISTEC mechanical winding shafts are manufactured in three designs: