Air Shafts Mechanically Clamping

mechanische Spannwelle für 3“ Hülsen

WISTEC mechanical tension shaft for 3" cores, completely equipped with typical reel bearing for a machine in the paper industry; web speed > 2500 m/min

Winding shafts according to the mechanical tensioning principle guarantee a 100% centric roll support. The field of application is high web speeds and / or low runout tolerances. Thus, even sensitive materials, such as metal foils, can be wound precisely.

The shaft can be actuated as one option via a hexagon in the shaft journal. Thus all existing screwdriving systems can be used – preferably also pneumatic screwdrivers.

Betätigung über Sechskant SW 19

Operation via hexagon SW 19

mechanische Spannwelle, stirnseitige Bedienung

WISTEC mechanical tensioning shaft, front side operation

A second possibility for the use of mechanically clamping winding shafts is the deliberate omission of pneumatics in a machine or system. The rolls can be tensioned and released simply by turning the front side handle.

Mechanical expansion shafts can also be used for other, very special applications. The use as a peeling mandrel in the production of PTFE films is shown.


The mechanical clamping of the PTFE block eliminates the need for the complex hammering in and subsequent pressing out of an oversized mandrel

WISTEC mechanisch

WISTEC mechanical winding shafts are manufactured in three designs: