Air shafts pneumatic clamping with clamping wedges ( LUG Type )

Wickelwelle 70mm 76mm Hülsen

WISTEC winding shaft for 70 and 76 mm cores
3 clamping wedges offset on the circumference each The shaft is used for unwinding in a processing machine.

Winding shafts with clamping wedges are equipped with a central hose. By optimizing the parameters tube wall thickness and support tube material, light shafts with a high torque capacity can be produced.
In the 70 mm and 76 mm core inner diameter range, universally applicable shafts for the entire diameter range can be offered as special production.

The splined shaft is also suitable for all types of special solutions. The following design is used to connect partial sleeves in a carrier roll winder. Ventilation is axial via an air lance.

Wickelwelle für Hülseninnendurchmesser 150 mm

WISTEC winding shaft for core inner diameter 150 mm, 5 clamping wedges offset on the circumference

WISTEC Wickelwelle für 76 mm Hülsen

WISTEC winding shaft for 76 mm cores; the shaft is used to adapt different web widths to shaftless winders.

If a shaftless unwind station cannot be moved together far enough for small working widths, or if different roll widths are to be accommodated on a turret winder, the following solution is suitable:

In order to be able to run also very small working widths, both chucks of the winder are mounted in the adapter shaft. To change the rolls, the sliding connection, shown in the picture on the right, can be opened.

WISTEC pneumatische Spannwelle , geteilte Ausführung,

WISTEC pneumatic expansion shaft, split design, for double-sided reception in the 3" chuck head of a shaftless rewind

WISTEC Wickelwelle für Hülseninnendurchmesser 25 mm

WISTEC winding shaft for core inner diameter 25 mm; 2 clamping wedges offset on the circumference

Up to a core inner diameter of 25 mm (1″) splined shafts can be used as winding shafts.

Particularly light constructions result from the use of rubber clamping wedges.

WISTEC Wickelwelle - ultra-leichte Ausführung

WISTEC winding shaft - ultra-light design - diameter 100 mm, length 1800 mm, weight 12 kg!

Wickelwelle 40x40 mm vier Spannelemente

WISTEC winding shaft 40 x 40 mm, four clamping elements on the circumference

Last but not least – it also works square: