Robot Grippers

We are an experienced developer and manufacturer of mandrel grippers for use on industrial robots.

Robotergreifer- Typische Einsatzbedingung für WISTEC Spanndorngreifer
Typical operating conditions for WISTEC mandrel grippers

When using industrial robots for roll manipulation, it is often only possible to work over the core. The following criteria for appropriate clamping tools are decisive:

WISTEC mandrel grippers meet all specified criteria and have been in successful use for years in combination with the different robot types and brands.

Robotergreifer-Spanndorngreifer beim Umsetzen geschnittener Ware
WISTEC mandrel gripper for moving cutted materials
Spanndorngreifer mit Spannschalen
WISTEC mandrel grippers with clamping shells

In principle, gripper systems with continuous clamping shells Leafs), or clamping wedges (Lugs) are used. If possible impressions on the inner sleeves must be avoided, mandrel grippers with clamping shells are recommended. In order to hold the outer part blanks securely, the shells are designed accordingly.

For higher dynamic loads, gripper systems with clamping wedges are preferred. Here, too, a secure hold of the outer partial rollers can be ensured by increasing the diameter of the clamping elements. This is clearly shown by the next wedges.

WISTEC Robotergreifer mit Spannkeilen
WISTEC robot gripper with clamping wedges
Greifer für 6“ bzw. 150 mm Hülseninnendurchmesser
WISTEC grippers for 6" or 150 mm core inner diameter characterized by extremely short overhangs of the support tube to the active clamping area

Even larger sleeve diameters can be handled with ease

WISTEC robot grippers, designed as mandrel grippers, are characterized by an extremely high clamping range, which simplifies the positioning. As safety clamping elements they hold the loads even in case of a failure of the pneumatics. They can be configured for all practically occurring load cases.