Variability of Diameter

1. Shafts with very high expansion range

These large clamping ranges cannot be realized by pneumatic shafts. The internal elastic clamping systems would be overstretched. Pneumatic mechanical systems with pistons and starting bevels are used here. Depending on the application, these systems can also be accommodated inside the expansion shaft.

WISTEC Pneumatisch-mechanische Spannwelle mit dem Expansionsbereich von Ø 55 mm bis Ø 80 mm
WISTEC pneumatic-mechanical expansion shaft with the expansion range from Ø 55 mm to Ø 80 mm
WISTEC pneumatisch-mechanische Spannwelle die Zylinder-Kolben-Systemen sind im Tragrohr montiert
WISTEC pneumatic-mechanical clamping shaft the cylinder-piston systems are mounted in the support tube, clamping range Ø 200 to Ø 220 mm; clearly visible the overlapping clamping shells, which allow safe working without the risk of clamping

1.2 Adapters

If a base shaft is available, adapters are often the solution of choice. In this way almost all requirements can be solved in different ways. The easiest way is to adapt the expansion of the basic shaft to the new sleeve inner diameter using adapters. This is done purely mechanically.

Spannwelle Mechanischer Adapter von 30 auf 70 mm
Mechanical adapter from 30 to 70 mm
Spannwelle mit mechanischem Adapter 3“ auf 6“
Clamping shaft with mechanical adapter 3" to 6”

1.2 Adapters
Pneumatic adapters are operated at 6 bar via a filling valve. They can be adapted to the production requirements in length and design of the clamping elements.

Spannwelle Pneumatischer Adapter 3“ auf 6“, in der Baulänge variabel
Clamping shaft Pneumatic adapter 3" to 6", variable in length
Spannkopfkombination, Standardlösung, von 3“ auf 6“
Chuck head combination, standard solution, from 3" to 6

Für den Standardfall 3″ auf 6″ halten wir auch eine Standardlösung bereit.
Diese Standardvariante ist sofort ab Lager verfügbar

WISTEC Adapter von Ø 300 mm auf Ø 400 mm, Gewicht 38 kg, Länge 850 mm
WISTEC adapter from Ø 300 mm to Ø 400 mm, weight 38 kg, length 850 mm

For the standard case 3″ to 6″ we also have a standard solution available.
This standard variant is immediately available from stock.