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Pneumatic Shafts with LUGS ( Type K )

Pneumatic shafts with lugs are equipped with a central hose. Thanks to the optimization of the parameters, tube sheet strength, and pylon material it is possible to manufacture light pneumatic shafts with a high torque capacity.

Within the range of 70 mm and 76 mm inside diameters, we are able to offer special fabrication all-purpose shafts for the entire diameter range.

WISTEC pneumatic shaft for 3" (76mm) cores: 3 lugs around the
surface with staggered design
(picture 1)

The Lug type shaft is suitable for all kinds of special solutions. The following model is used to connect partial cases in a surface drum rewinder. The ventilation is made axially by an air lance.

WISTEC pneumatic shaft for a 6" (152,4 mm) internal core diameter
with 5 lugs around (picture 2)

If you need a narrower working width at a non-axial winding station than the machine preferences will allow, the following solution would suit: The roll is picked up one side with a pneumatic shaft, and other side into the machine chuck.

WISTEC Airshaft for 76 mm Core
serves the adaptation of different web widths to axle free rollers (Picture 3)

For much less web width, both chucks have to grip into the adapter solution with a. sliding connection while the machine rack comes together Every narrow roll so can be fixed on the shaft.

WISTEC pneumatic shaft, LUG- version, for bilateral uptaking (picture 4)

Pneumatic shafts can be equipped with lugs up to an inside diameter of 25mm ( 1'' )

WISTEC airshaft for core diameter
25 mm; 5 lugs around (picture 5)

The use of rubber pads result in an ultra-light design.

WISTEC pneumatic shaft with rubber pads; ultra-light aluminium version - total length 1800mm, Ø 100 mm; weight 12 kg (picture 6)

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